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Acces of the web-based configuration for belkin router, print server, or access point?

Belkin routers are an outstanding resource for connecting your home network to the Internet. It ain’t difficult to set up a belkin router but, there are some things that you need to keep in mind in order to establish a connection between your computer and the Internet.Belkin routers have a built-in web-based setup page that permits the user to customize the settings and configure the advanced features of the device. In the following content, we will guide you on how to Acces of the web-based configuration of your Belkin router.

Here are some steps you should keep in mind For Acces of the web-based configuration before accessing the router’s setup page,

  • Connect the router to your computer using an ethernet cable.The LAN port of  router and the ethernet port of your computer should be connected via single ethernet cable.The adsl cable of modem goes inside the wan part of router.Now turn on and off the computer, router, and broadband/cable modem,and wait for it to boost up.wait for the green led light for the signal.the green light means you are ready to go.
  • After connecting your computer to the router, make sure that the LAN or wired LED corresponding to the port where the computer is connected to is ON.
  • Open the web browser and  type either or in the address bar and press Enter.These are the default login credentials and can vary.contact your Isp for that.
  • You will be directed to a page asking you to log in using the router’s admin password.  If you have not set a custom password, just leave the Password field blank and press enter..
  • You are now ready to access the router’s web page and configure its settings.

If you are having inconvenience in installation and configuration for linksys router.

By following this you can get Acces of the web-based configuration .In order to acquire speedy and prompt solutions, don’t go anywhere when the Router Technical Support for belkin is available for 24*7. So, no matter wherever you are and at what time you entail our brace, our technical team is completely earnest and attentive to bestow technical support administrations over the globe. No need to ramble purposelessly here and there when you can easily receive best Router Technical Support for Belkin by contacting experts through belkin Router Live Chat or Customer Care Number for belkin. Users can ask all types of belkin router queries from our experts and fix all problems in a specific time period. Our executives are certified and experienced hence they are well-versed with all the problem-solving capabilities of your router.

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