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Are the current Belkin routers compatible with ISPs that use the Captive Portal technique?

Captive portal is a web page displayed to newly connected users, before they are authorized broader access to network resources.

They are usually used to create a login page with valid credentials that both the host and user attach to. Captive portals are used for broadband services including wired and wireless wifi home spots. It can also be used to provide access to residential places like home, apartments, offices, hotel room, etc.

Some networks are capable of identifying a node acting as a NAT router, by checking on the decrease of the TTL for ping packets. If this is the case for your ISP provider, then a solution is doubtful.Know Are routers compatible with ISPs ?

You may check the condition by doing the following things;

  • Set up a wifi hotspot on your connected pc
  • connect to it with your phone , and check whether the phone has Internet connection.
  • If the conditions work , you may try one of the solutions below. Setting up a wifi hotspot is easy, it just depends on your operating system.

Mac Spoofing is a possibility. Mac Spoofing exists on many commercial routers, an is intended to make it possible to buy a new home router when your ISP only allows one MAC address to connect to its network. Setup the router to use your ethernet MAC address, connect via your pc and register to the captive portal, then unhook your ethernet cable and plug it into the router.

Alternatively, you may setup a pc to act as the router (this is easiest for *Nix OSes). This has the advantage that you can register the pc directly on the captive portal, without having to unhook the ethernet cable: just sit at the pc, open a browser, login to the captive portal, and from now on all devices connected to the pc will be able to navigate the Internet (provided your ISP does not employ the NAT-discovery technique mentioned above).

As for dd-wrt, I do not think it helps. DD-WRT is mostly used to setup captive portals, not to access them. Thus it has no facility to access one, from the command line or otherwise.

The current belkin router is not compatible with ISP that use capital portal technique.so you got right information about routers compatible with ISPs

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