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How do I Change My Belkin Router’s Password?

There are three types of Router’s Password that a Belkin router user should know i.e., Administrator password, guest network password & Wi-Fi password. Administrator Password This password is used to login into web-based setup page of Belkin router. If you… Read More

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What are the different LED behaviors of my Belkin router?

Belkin provides the electronic and tech savvy market for various products including routers, iPod and iPhone accessories, mobile computing accessories, surge protectors, network switches, hubs, (USB and computer network) cables, KVM switches, racks and enclosures, and other peripherals.Many users face… Read More

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How do I setup Parental Control (OpenDNS) correctly, and configure the access levels for different home members?

Belkin routers are known around the world for its use of latest technology along with great value for money. Millions of people all across the globe to get access to high speed internet and also to share the same with… Read More

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How can i access my belkin router settings page?

Belkin is a very trustworthy name when it comes to manufacturing of networking based devices. Belkin produces a plethora of products, which include all kinds of wired & wireless routers, modems, wifi range extenders, antennas etc. Among all these products,… Read More

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How to connect Roku to Belkin router for WiFi with username and password?

Roku Streaming Player is a device through which you can play online video content. One of the best thing is that you can connect Roku to Belkin router in two different ways i.e., – Wired Connection Wireless Connection Follow these… Read More

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Are the current Belkin routers compatible with ISPs that use the Captive Portal technique?

Captive portal is a web page displayed to newly connected users, before they are authorized broader access to network resources. They are usually used to create a login page with valid credentials that both the host and user attach to.… Read More