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How to Connect my Roku with Belkin Extender?

There are two methods for connecting Roku with Belkin extender i.e.

  1. Wired connection
  2. Wireless connection

Let’s see how to connect Roku with Belkin extender in a wired connection

1.Take an ethernet cable and then insert one of its ends into Roku Streaming Player and another end into Belkin router’s ethernet port.

  1. Then power on your Roku Streaming player. Now use Roku Streaming Player’s remote control to choose the Wired option from the list of network options that are displaying at this moment.

Have a look how to connect Roku with Belkin Extender in a wireless connection –

Before connecting Roku with Belkin extender, make sure you have –

  1. Set up the wireless network by enabling SSID broadcast.
  2. You have correct wireless network password and security key.

Now follow these steps –

  1. Power on your Roku Streaming Player and you will immediately redirect to the home screen.
  2. To start the setup process, you have to press OK button on the remote control.
  3. Now you are prompted for Connection type where you have to choose “Wireless” option. At this moment, Roku Streaming Player will start to scan available wireless networks.

Note – Roku Streaming Player will be in the range of Belkin extender so that you can receive good signal strength. If you are not receiving a good signal then move or rotate the Roku Streaming player to attain strong signals.

  1. In the next step, you have to choose SSID or wireless network name for your Belkin router.
  2. Then, you have to enter correct wireless network password and then choose Done.

Note – The wireless network password is case-sensitive so enter it carefully. If you are having any trouble associating the Roku streaming player with network then you can disable the wireless security of Belkin extender.

Once your Roku Streaming Player successfully connect to the Belkin extender network, software update process will automatically begin.

If you are having any trouble while connecting Roku with Belkin extender then check these points –

  1. Confirm that you have disabled MAC filtering feature. Besides this, you can add Roku’s wireless MAC address to the list of allowed devices on your Belkin extender’s web interface so that your Roku can connect successfully.
  2. Also, ensure that there are no firewall or any software that is preventing your Roku from connecting to the WiFi devices.

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