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How to connect my Spectrum router with Belkin Extender N300?

Configure Belkin Extender N300 in this way –

1.Plug in Belkin extender into the power outlet & confirm it is within the range of router ’s wireless network.

2.By using your WiFi capable device, just connect to the Belkin.setup Network.

3.Next, launch the web browser and then type “http://belkin.range” in the address bar. After this, hit Enter button.

4.You are now redirected to a webpage where you have to click on “Get Started” option. By doing this, it will search your router’s SSID.

  1. Choose your wireless network and then hit Next button. If your network is not present in the list then click on Refresh button.

6.Now, wait for some time so that Belkin Extender can connect to the network. Once it connects, you are prompted to next page where you have to enter wireless network’s password. Again, wait for some time.

  1. At last, review the extended network information. If you want to change any information then click on Edit button otherwise tap on “Create Extended Network” button.

Now your Belkin Extender N300 is configured properly and if you experience any problem then ask for instant Technical Support for Belkin from professionals.

To setup Spectrum router with Belkin Extender N300, just have a look at these points –

  1. First of all, you have to plug Belkin Extender N300 into the power outlet. Also, place your Spectrum router near the Belkin extender.
  1. In the next step, you have to push the WPS button on your router first. Once you do this, immediately push the WPS button on your range extender. Just make sure one thing i.e., you have to push the WPS button on both devices within 2 minutes.
  1. Once you push the WPS button of Spectrum router, the WPS LED of the router will blink. If Spectrum router’s WPS LED does not blink then you have to again push the WPS button. The same thing also applies to Belkin Extender N300. If after pushing WPS button of range extender, WPS light does not blink then you have to again press the WPS button. This WPS process will last for 2 minutes so you have to wait for 2 minutes and then check the wireless signal of your range extender.
  1. If after two minutes, the wireless signal LED of your Belkin extender is still off then you should understand that WPS process gets failed. Well, you can try WPS operation for one or several times.
  1. At last, after setting up everything properly, just ensure that you have placed the Belkin extender at the proper place from where you can enjoy the extended wireless network without any inconvenience.
  1. Once it is done, Belkin Extender N300 will connect automatically every time when you plug it back in.

If you face any problem while connecting Spectrum router with Belkin Extender N300 then immediately dial Technical Support Number for Belkin and get rid of all troubles.

Customer Care Number for Belkin – A Perfect Destination Point to resolve all Belkin router issues

To get rid of all technical troubles of Belkin router, just dial Technical Support Number for Belkin & enjoy flawless network connectivity with Belkin router. So, if your Belkin router is not connecting to the internet or you are experiencing any kind of technical problem then instead of wasting your precious time, contact Technical Support for Belkin or Customer Support for Belkin where relevant measures are given to every user. Users can also chat with experts by using Live Chat Support for Belkin and receive immediate answers in the limited time period. If you are the one who needs instant Customer Support for Belkin then talk to our representatives at any time and sort out all inconveniences.

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