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How to Install & Setup Belkin Wireless router

Belkin Router is a Wi-Fi router that performs two basic functions by allowing WAN link (Ethernet, PPPoE, DSL or other) to connect to its internal host via Wi-Fi and external internet. In addition, it can do other things like providing NAT, firewall and device white listing. Through this post, we will tell you how to install & Setup the Belkin wireless router.

You can use all the steps given below to configure every Belkin router like Belkin N300, N600 and Belkin AC series routers. Belkin Router is the Best Home Wireless Router. Along with this, Belkin Wireless, range, connectivity, and durability for home users are great.

Below are some things you Need to upfront for Belkin Router Setup:
  • Internet connection, from any of your Internet services providers such as At & t, Comcast, Verizon or any other service provider.
  • Ethernet cable (normal internet cable) RJ45 (to connect modem with Belkin Router)
  • One Personal Computer [PC] Smartphone (Should have one of them) (Optional)
  • Power Source For Modem & Router
  • Username and Password (Look at Bottom of your Router)

You can also set up a Belkin wireless router through a phone or tablet using any full browser like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.) before starting your installation process, reset your Belkin router. It will make the process fast.

Step by Step Procedure to Install and Setup Belkin Wireless router-
  1. First of all, Unbox your Belkin router and plug it into the power switch near your modem (ISP Cable Device)and then have to turn it on.
  2. Now connect your modem device to Belkin router via ethernet or internet cable  (RJ45 Cable).
  3. Wait for the light to turn on the router and modem before proceeding to the installation
  4. Next, you need to connect the computer to the router using another ethernet cable. But in case you do not have extra ethernet cable please reset the Belkin router and click on the wireless icon in your computer.
  5. After connecting modem to the router, go to your computer or smartphone and go to wifi section
  6. Now, refresh the list of available wireless network & now you will be able to see a new Belkin network there on the list
  7. If the available network is unsecured then just connect with it but if any case, the new network is secured & requesting for Password than Please Look at the bottom of your Belkin wireless router. Here, you may find the SSID &  password for Belkin router.
  8. Once you connected with the unsecured/secured Belkin router and open any browser and type and press Enter tab.
  9. Now you will redirect on the web page of Belkin Router Dashboard to Login.
  10. Now, Modem will recognise your router and check compatibility after that choose your internet connection (ask your internet service provider)
  11. After that, you need to set up your language & time zone for easy configuration.
  12. Now,  move your cursor on to Wireless and set up your Username(SSID) & Password (Network Key).
  13. Under Security option, select WPA2-PSK then apply the settings. If there is available an option for encryption technique then go for TKIP+AES.
  14. Here you should type a complex password & apply the settings & then give it a minute to save the settings.
  15. Reboot your Belkin router along with the modem and then connecting with your Belkin router network.

Note: Here we have discussed in detail the process for setting up wireless router.  We hope that the above content will help you to set up the Belkin wifi network.

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