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What is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and its configuration?

(DHCP) is a service, in your router configuration to allow you to receive automatic IP address from your server. This service is used by router users, so that they do not have to change their IP address every now and then. Routers have become a very important device in modern day users who are heavily dependent on the internet for their daily chores. These router machines help people to get access to high-speed internet connectivity and also to share the same with multiple other devices. Since the dependency has increased many folds, even an hour of delay makes the user restless. We at Technical Support for Belkin receives hundreds of calls from worried Belkin router users complaining about difficulties they are facing with these router machines. Among all the issues we receive, (DHCP) related queries are among the highest. I am going to discuss on how to configure your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol on your Belkin router in the following section. In case you have any other router related issues, then contact Technical Support number for Belkin and get access to finest router services online. You can make use of our Live chat support for Belkin as well.

How to Configure DHCP on Belkin router: A solution by Technical Support for Belkin:

It is always advisable to enable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol configuration on your router machine, if you are not the tech guy and do not need port forwarding or change IP all the time. DHCP helps a user to get relief from manual input of your IP address on their own. I will discuss how to configure your Belkin router’s DHCP in simple steps, kindly follow these mentioned instructions carefully:
Step 1: First, connect your Belkin router to your computer to get access to your router’s administrative settings. Using an Ethernet cable, connect one end of the cable to the LAN port of your router while the other end of the cable goes into the Ethernet port of your computer. Wait for few minutes to let the connection get established.

Step 2: Open your web-browser and enter the default IP address in the URL field. The default IP address for Belkin routers is will redirect you to the login page your router. In case default IP does not work, search your default IP address as per the model number of your router.

Step 3: Login to your router with default login credentials, enter ‘admin’ in the username and leave the password field blank. The default username & password also differs as per model number. So search it if it is not working.

Step 4: Once on the main settings page, click on ‘WAN’ or ‘Internet’ settings. On this page you will notice an option to feed in your IP address and just belo that an option for ‘DHCP’. Check the box below it to enable DHCP settings.

Step 5: Click Apply, and go to main settings page. From here configure other settings like security and encryption and close the window. You have successfully configured DHCP on your Belkin router.

You can follow these steps to configure your Belkin router with ease. Hopefully, these detailed steps will help you resolve your issue. In case you have any doubts or queries regarding the same, then feel free to reach us at Customer care helpline number for Belkin. In case the phone lines comes engaged, you can also make use of Live Chat Support service for belkin for instant connect to our technician.

Call Customer Support Number for Belkin for Smart and Reliable Router solutions:

Technical Support for Belkin is an online technical service provider. We deal in providing complete troubleshooting assistance for some of the most complex router issues. We also deal in providing software solutions for internal software conflicts and driver failures. We at Customer Support for Belkin understands the dependency of users on these router machines, that is why we try to provide the complete solutions in record time to the callers. Our services are renowned for its efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness. Our prices are best in class among the online service providers. The team of engineers we possess at technical Support for belkin , are the reason for smile for hundreds of customers. These router engineers have great experience in providing technical services to the users. These services provided come with service warranty period too, which lasts anywhere from 1-6 months. So, if your router machines malfunctions during this period, our engineers will fix it for you free of cost.

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