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What is the Difference Between WiFi Router and WiFi Modem?

Wi-Fi Network:

In a wireless local area network (WLAN) a wireless router is a device that determines the next network to which a packet is forwarded towards its destination. A wireless router worked in the same way as the router does in the hard wired home or business local area network (LAN), but allows greater mobility for portable computers and for the network. The dual computers which are individual these all are equipped with small wireless transceivers which have to be plugged into either a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port or a card slot of a PC. There is only a computer at home or for a business purpose. This is believed by many users that the use of a router provides superior protection against hacking because of the individual computer IP address are not at all directly exposed to the internet.
Note: Just like a firewall program a wireless router also does not consume computer resources. 

Wi-fi Modem:
A wireless modem is able to connect to a wireless network as provided by an ISP. When you connect your computer to a wireless modem, you can now have access to the internet when a signal from your ISP is present. You can have internet connectivity anywhere a signal is present. It functions similar to its wired counterpart. An analog carrier signal is modulated by this to encode a piece of information into a digital form, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the information which is transmitted. Wi-fi modems play the role of modulating and demodulating wireless signals. Wifi routers are the devices which let you to connect with a wireless network, usually LAN, without any signal modulating and demodulating features.Wifi modems, do not care much about routing functions; they are just there to make signals completely readable.

Difference Between  Wi-fi Router and Wi-fi Modem working:

Wi-fi Router: 

A router is needed a router not only when you want to connect multiple devices to the internet, but also if you want to connect multiple devices with each other. Without an internet connection, you can still create a local network of computers and other devices. This enables you to transfer and share files with specific devices within a network of a vicinity, including printers, scanners, and game consoles.       

How does a Wi-fi Modem work:

  • With a wireless modem, the Internet connection is always on and it supplies a very fast connection of internet.
  • The wireless modem also offers network security along with the flexibility and convenience of a wireless Internet connection.
  • Subscribers are able to surf the Internet at a higher speed up to 100 times more rapidly than the the traditional analog modem.
  • Wireless modems allow subscribers to be able to move about in their homes or offices with their laptops and not be tied to a Desktop computer only.

    A subscriber can take his or her laptop as a backup, and as far as up to about 1300 feet, and surf the Internet while enjoying the outdoors.
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