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Which Belkin routers have USB ports on them and support USB sharing

Belkin routers are an outstanding resource and a renowned name in the market of electronic consumers. Belkin routers are known for their excellent service and providing high quality internet connectivity and fast speed. There are a few Belkin routers supporting a Routers have USB ports you to change a external hard drive into an economical and modest , network-attached storage (NAS) device in a matter of  seconds.If you are connected, any computer aquilined to the router can access files and folders on the drive. You can use this feature as a savour for your small business money by eliminating the need for a file server or a more expensive NAS solution.

Through USB sharing, you can share files across your network wirelessly by connecting your USB storage drive, or other devices to the USB port on the rear end of your router. Belkin router permits all the computers and devices on your network to ingress these files without being  directly connected to the storage device. It is mandatory for the computer  that will access the storage device needs to install theBelkin Router Manager software.You have to follow the steps for knowing about Routers have USB ports

Connecting your usb storage device and sharing files

  • Connect your USB device into the USB port on the back of your router.Hold up until the light over the USB port is lit green, this shows the  connected storage device is now accessible to all the computers on your network.
  • Right-tap on the Belkin Router Manager symbol on the System Tray. In case,  you are utilizing a Mac, this can be found in the Menu Bar.
  • Float your mouse over Networked USB Devices. At that point tap the Belkin USB Print and Storage Center.
  • Pick the capacity gadget that you need access to. You may double tap the picture to peruse, or select the picture and snap Browse.
  • You ought to have effectively associated a USB storage and offer documents over your system now

If you need any support then you can connect with our  Technical Support For Belkin for getting Instant help

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